Is your New Year Resolution to grow your business?

If your New Year Resolution is to grow sales in your business then now is the time to make that commitment to yourself and take one step towards growing your knowledge to get there.

If you want to know:

– how to create engaging content your followers want to see and convert them

– how to build an engaged email lists that you can then sell to over and over

– If you want your business to be found on Google

– If you want tooptimizee Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin for your business

– If you want to know the free tools you can use to create content with ease

– If you want to network and grow with other business owners at the same stage as you

Then my Digital Marketing Course is for you!

Tourism expert in Social Media Growth for sales Joleene McDermott

I once waited for someone to help me.

And I waited. And waited… but what or who was I waiting for? For someone to come and show me the way. Well, guess what. No one ever came. I had to take the action to get me where I wanted to go.

You see waiting is our brain’s way of keeping us safe and secure. It is subconsciously telling us that it’s okay, the answer will come to us but it won’t unless we do something.

Stop waiting and take action. I know how difficult it can be to grow a business that can produce sales. It is a lonely process. It took me years of working for someone else and another few years of getting started on my own business to realize no one is coming to help me unless I take action.

Having 20 years of experience in marketing, working with various platforms, and knowing how to drive sales wasn’t enough for me because I needed help with getting past my own internal fears. Fear of being judged, of failing and simply talking on camera all terrified me.

Does this sound like you? Are you afraid when it comes to posting to sell your business? Lets work on that together.

How did I build my confidence? By taking action.

Building websites taught me how to build a platform to make sales.

Working in marketing for over 10 years and growing hotels from 6 figures to 7 figures within 12 months taught me where to focus my effort, what platforms to post on, how to grow an engaged email list, and how to make content that spoke to my ideal customer.

Combining my skills with building websites and hotel marketing taught me how to get attention online and how to drive it to where I wanted to go.

Do you know how to set a goal and then work to achieve it? If you were told you had to build up a market to sell to, would you know how to do that?

Let me be your guide and help you achieve your business goals in 2024.

My Digital Marketing Course starts on the 18th of January from 7-9pm and runs for six weeks in the Greencastle Community Centre.

If you are interested in taking your business to the next level, sign up today and commit to your best-ever year in 2024, you don’t have to do it alone or figure it out on your own.

Let’s build something amazing together, even if it’s only your self-confidence!

In case you need proof of my past successful courses, here are some reviews below:

  • I was starting a new area of business and was completely new to Instagram when I met her, and I now feel a confidence, and even an excitement about what’s possible through marketing on social media, that I could never have imagined – Patricia Higgins – Ceremonies that Connect
  • I recently completed a course with Jolene in Carndonagh. I highly recommend this course to anyone in business. Jolene was very helpful and approachable. I would love to do another course with her if it came up. – Laura Bonner – Lough Foyle Glamping
  • I have to say the presentation and content that she provided is a great help to my business already. If you get the chance to take one of her classes don’t miss out, I would highly recommend her expertise to anyone. A very enjoyable course all round. – Susan McLaughlin, Love a little Sauces
  • I completed a digital marketing course delivered by Joleene earlier this year. I was so impressed with her knowledge and attitude I had to ask her if she could have a look at my business and help me out. After completing an audit of my business Joleene told me very clearly what needed to change. With her help I now have really effective organic marketing strategies, allowing me to connect with many more people. – Paul McGown Health and Fitness

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