Tips on availing of the opportunity the destination development plan for inishowen will present tourism businesses

Inishowen Destination & Experience Development Plan

Are you ready to avail of the opportunities the new Development plan for Inishowen is going to present?

If not then here are some tips to prepare your business:

  1. There will be three core themes used to present Inishowen as a world class destination which are:
  • Maritime and Military Might
  • Inishowen’s Creative Story
  • Wild Oasis

Do you know where your business can fall in each of these themes? If not research the themes further to find out and then decide how you might stand out as a tourism provider under one (or two) of these themes. As Inishowen is developed and attracts key new customers because of the these themes, your business will benefit by having a unique and related offer.

2. Google Business Profile

Make sure your business profile on Google is set up and updated with relevant images and content, opening hours and reviews of your business. Highlight how your business fits into one of the three core themes. If you have a website add a new page detailing all about your relevant offer so its found on Google. Use similar descriptive words in your writing as is used in the official documents presenting the themes such as Military, maritime, wildness, peace, heritage, land and culture, art and artistic traditions, Inishowen, Donegal.

3. Add a Highlight section on your Instagram account to talk more about the theme relevant offer you have created. Go into detail with plenty of descriptive text and excellent images to aid you. Use this same information on your About section on your Facebook Page. Make sure you are easy to book and if you can invest in a new website which accepts online booking then do so. Remember that todays customer expects to be able to research and book their trip all online.

4. Tie in with a local accommodation provider, one that has a bookable function on their website, and promote the offer on their website, on your social sites, on Donegal Tourism, on Tourism Ireland. Think of places your ideal customer would spend time and promote the offer there. Its also good to have your offer prepared in advance of the busy season, when customers are researching their break or holiday (if you tie in with a accommodation provider).

5. Use social media to tag relevant business accounts that can also share the offer on their page and that links back to you. Tag businesses on Instagram as the content is easily shared on other pages in a couple of clicks. Make it easy to share your offer.

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