Increasing leads in your business

Do you struggle to get inquiries for Weddings for your Wedding Venue? Or bookings for your band? Or enquiries for your B&B?

What have you tried recently that goes against the traditional methods of marketing?

Social Media is a tough market, and highly competitive with so many businesses all trying to get attention.

Want to know a secret?
Social Media is changing. It is not so much ‘Social’ anymore as it is ‘Interest’ based. Take tiktok at the moment, its algorithm is very specific to your interests more so than your actions. You might follow many accounts but its want you watch (your interests) that they keep showing you more off to keep you on the platform.

If you are not creating content regularly that is made specifically for engaged couples or target customer, you are missing out.

It is easy and free for every business to create content.

So are you? Not just pretty pictures of your venue and doing the same as everyone else. I mean creating content that speaks to a couple’s pain of wedding planning or finding a rental cottage or B&B.

What about going a step further and following my win-win method of attracting more wedding couples to your business? This is wedding relevant but can be tweaked and applied to any industry once you know the steps.

Here are the steps I take which you can recreate:

Step 1
Create a high-value Lead Magnet a couple will want to help them plan their wedding. This has to be valuable so thing Guides, inspiration, ideas etc
This does not have to be complicated – I use a Wedding Planning Guide.

Step 2
Link your Instagram to software that automates a response if a person comments on a certain word. Try Manychat for this.

Step 3
Link a Google form to the auto-response that leads a person to fill out a questionnaire to get the free Guide. Make sure and ask the person WHAT THEIR CHALLENGE / PAIN OR STRUGGLE is with planning their wedding.

Step 4
Send them the Free Guide when they submit the form

Step 5
Create Reels and posts that are super targeted to wedding couples and tell them to comment the word to get the Guide or have it linked in your Link in Bio and direct them to it.

Out of all these steps, it is step 5 that takes the longest as I like to make sure and create my content that really hits the pains a couple might have. My Reels have strong hooks such as ‘Top 5 Wedding first dance songs’ or ‘Mistakes I see couples make with their Wedding Photographer’. This part requires research and putting together Reels that speak to a couple. If you follow my Instagram you can see examples of how I research target audiences.

Now you have:
– a couples email address to follow up with
– an interested wedding couple for your venue
-positioned yourself as a venue that cares about the couple and wants to help
– a list of what couples are struggling with that you can offer advice on (AKA reasons to follow up)
– a list of targeted and relevant couples to inform of any upcoming wedding fairs you might run

Try it. It works for me every time. With every potential wedding lead worth up to €10k, can you afford not to be creating content like this?

My aim in 2024 is to help 100 small businesses grow their online awareness and sales. This method can be applied by any business and I can show you more. Get in touch if you want in.

Click here to view my Lead Magnet I use to attract Wedding Couples. Easily created in Canva for your business. Email me directly if you want the template and amend for your business.

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