How I created a bookable website for Wild Alpaca Way

Bookable Website now Live for Wild Alpaca Way

I am delighted that the website for Wild Alpaca Way is now live and available to book your Alpaca Walks online.

I worked with John the owner over the past two months to create a website that reflected the standard he applies every day to his walks.

One that showcases his service to a high standard.

John needed a website, professional email and bookable platform together with assistance in marketing his business. Together we worked to create marketing materials to reflect his brand and today his bookable website is live. His marketing materials include a range of professional brochures he can send easily as attachments to any enquiries that come in from this three main markets.

We created a lot more content on his social media to target each of his markets individually with carousel posts, targeted stories and fun fact posts around his farm and walking tours. This made sure his content was reaching not only new followers but nurturing his current ones.

Check out his website to see what it looks like and how easy it is to use. Now instead of sending enquiries to his Facebook page to handle bookings, he can link to his bookable platforms which show his availability and prices in a clear and easy-to-understand layout.

If you need assistance with building an online bookable website and help in marketing it to new customers, get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

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