About Me​

About Me

My name is Joleene and I am a Professional Marketing Manager with over 20 years working in Hotels. I first started in Hospitality in my teens and have worked mostly in Hotels throughout my career. I have developed businesses from 6 figures to 7 figures and know the strategies needed to help other related hospitality or tourism businesses with their marketing.

My Mission​

I see so many amazing businesses struggle with marketing, resulting in them not maximizing their revenue potential. I understand your focus as a business owner should be on delivering the service you are known for, its your bread and butter. But unless you can attract in your ideal customers through Marketing to them, you will struggle to make consistent sales. My mission is to make your marketing effortless and successful for you.

What I Do

Website development​
Booking engine add on
Digital and Social Media Marketing
Social Media Management​
Training in digital marketing
tourism marketing training provided by Joleene McDermott inhouse

I started my career in hospitality many years ago in my early teens and have worked mostly in hotels all my career. I have worked with hotels with 140 bedrooms or less and know the struggle many have when it comes to the constant demand that marketing can have on a business.

I worked in different departments until I turned 30 and then I made the transistion into Sales and Marketing. It was not easy as all the demands on me became so different. I was used to coming into to work that was laid out in front of me, as in managing bookings, updating departments etc to a job where I was responsible for going out and finding the work.

I learned fast and quickly created marketing materials to assist me as well as optimizing a new website for better conversations. It took a few months to see the return but eventually sales started to increase and it didn’t take long to hit 7 figures. The strategies I learned and now use regularly are the same strategies I can share with you.

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